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July 13th, 17:00 Live & Online



July 13th 2022

Opening Keynote

Zied Bahrouni - CEO @Motius

General Purpose AR Desktop Extension

Stuart Heap - Tech Specialist Software @Motius

Smarter CNC Machines with Machine Vision

Nikolas Engelhard - Tech Specialist Robotics & Computer Vision

Higher Level IoT Development

Shiyue Liu - Tech Specialist Hardware @Motius

Going Password-Less

Jan Wasgint - Tech Specialist Software & AI

State of the Art Model Training Tricks

Pedro Vieira - Tech Specialist AI

WebAssembly and Rust Exploration

Florian Bellmann - Tech Specialist Frontend

More Speakers TBA!

We will keep you updated

Last Discovery Conference

Haven't attended the conference? Check out two live recordings down below or sign up now for access to all sessions for free. Topics include:

  • Possible use cases for FPGAs and how to implement custom hardware on them using the RISC-V technology
  • How event-based cameras revolutionize the way we obtain visual information
  • The latest advancements in self-supervised learning and how to apply this technology in projects related to Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing
  • How Climeworks uses a technology-based approach to separate the highly-diluted CO2 from ambient air and stores it safely and permanently
  • How we used the latest advancements in 3D to create a Augmented Reality tour through our office
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FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) have been around for a while now, but their relevance has increased lately. Tech companies are investing heavily to use them in new areas. We want to explore how to use FPGAs in different ways and how to implement custom hardware on them using RISC-V for general computing and interfaces.

The Gym for Artificial Intelligence

Training environments offer a great and cost-efficient way for prototyping in many different domains. With this project, we aim to create and use such a setup for Machine Learning.
This will help us train our own Reinforcement Learning Agents,  create artificial training data for ML applications, and might also be used to plan and simulate robotic applications.

This is Discovery

Discovery is how we innovate, stay close to the newest technologies,
and foster self-development. And you can be a part of it.

Discovery Ideation

Discovery Ideation consists of open workshops where the participants themselves identify exciting topics they want to work on. For that, participants first have to propose topics that have to meet special criteria to enable exploring, discovering and learning.

Discovery Camp

Discovery Camps are 4-day long Hackathons in which the project teams “do the science”. They research, experiment, write, code, build and develop to push their project forward and follow their goal.  

Discovery Conference

Discovery conference is dedicated to the teams and their projects as they present the outcomes of their work. They explain their technology, share their learnings, and demonstrate what they built. Out of all three parts, this is the biggest event. It is not just open for Motees but also for clients and the public. We stream all presentations live and the recordings will be available afterwards.

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